ChronoPlotter v2.2.0

In this version: Sighter shots in ShotMarker are now toggleable (and hidden by default) X-axis spacing is now toggleable (and proportional by default) Added support for importing ShotMarker velocity data Added support for alternate ProChrono Digital Link CSV format Updated about tab Various code fixes Download for Windows: ChronoPlotter.exeDownload for MacOS: ChronoPlotter.dmg

ChronoPlotter v2.1.0

In this version: Added support for manual entry of powder charge data Added experimental support for ShotMarker files (both .tar and .csv files) Added support for Competition Electronics ProChrono files Added support for MagnetoSpeed XFR app files Added support for calculating Y-Stdev, X-Stdev, Radial Stdev, and Mean Radius for shot dispersion Changed default save directoryContinue reading “ChronoPlotter v2.1.0”

ChronoPlotter v2.0.0

In this version: Added support for graphing seating depth data Improved UI for selecting LabRadar vs MagnetoSpeed data Complete project rewrite in C++ and qcustomplot (drops PyInstaller and matplotlib dependencies) Significant performance improvements and reduction in executable size (-60% for Windows, -80% for MacOS) Both Windows and MacOS executables are now code signed Download forContinue reading “ChronoPlotter v2.0.0”