ChronoPlotter v2.2.0

In this version:

  • Sighter shots in ShotMarker are now toggleable (and hidden by default)
  • X-axis spacing is now toggleable (and proportional by default)
  • Added support for importing ShotMarker velocity data
  • Added support for alternate ProChrono Digital Link CSV format
  • Updated about tab
  • Various code fixes

Download for Windows: ChronoPlotter.exe
Download for MacOS: ChronoPlotter.dmg

8 thoughts on “ChronoPlotter v2.2.0

  1. Will this source code also be updated on GitHub?

    Also an idea: add a print button to print a target for seating depth tests. Autotrickler had a very nice one.

  2. Any hope for an Android version? Thinking it would be useful for those of us using a tablet at the range…

    1. Not in the immediate future, but I’ve received a number of requests for this and it’s on the to-do list for sure

  3. Would there be a way to not only save the plot chart, but also a file that has all the data that one entered? It might be nice to be able to save this to a file so it could be pulled back up later. Also, is there a way to plot two or more powder tests on the same chart? Like when doing a primer test using the same powder? Great product overall thanks.

    1. Thanks Daniel, both of those are definitely on the to-do list. There are a few challenges I’m still working out with adding both features to the program, but I’m hoping to add them in an upcoming version.

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