ChronoPlotter v2.1.0

In this version:

  • Added support for manual entry of powder charge data
  • Added experimental support for ShotMarker files (both .tar and .csv files)
  • Added support for Competition Electronics ProChrono files
  • Added support for MagnetoSpeed XFR app files
  • Added support for calculating Y-Stdev, X-Stdev, Radial Stdev, and Mean Radius for shot dispersion
  • Changed default save directory to user’s home directory
  • Program now shows warning when file save encounters error
  • Added confirmation on program exit
  • Various code fixes

Download for Windows: ChronoPlotter.exe
Download for MacOS: ChronoPlotter.dmg

6 thoughts on “ChronoPlotter v2.1.0

    1. Hi, are you referring to when you import ShotMarker files, or when you manually enter seating depth data? ShotMarker files store a target distance inside each series, and ChronoPlotter relies on that distance for calculating MOA and currently doesn’t let you change it. The “Distance” text field under “Graph details” is part of the graph’s subtitle and is largely decorative.

  1. Thank you for getting back to me and I apologize for not replying in a timely fashion.
    For what ever reason I thought the out put would be in moa, but after getting used to the program
    I see I have the option of entering the data as group size in inches or group size in MOA. The distance
    to the target is irrelevant other than a description of the test.
    Thank you for the effort you have put into, the program.

  2. Would it be possible to add support for the Caldwell Ballistic Precision G2? Thanks for your consideration

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